The SIOP Europe Annual Meeting aims to debate and disseminate the outcomes of the high quality clinical and basic research carried out in Europe.

Some of the specialised and focused meetings that will take place during the SIOP Europe 2021 Annual Meeting in Valencia, Spain:

  • I-BFM Meeting
  • 11th CCI Europe Regional Conference
  • SIOPE AYA Working Group Meeting
  • SIOPEL (SIOPE-Epithelial Liver Tumour Study Group) Meeting
  • EpSSG (European Paediatric Soft Tissue Sarcoma Study Group) Meeting
  • Young SIOPE Meeting / Joint sessions
  • SIOP Europe Radiation Oncology Working Group Meeting
  • SIOPE Host Genome Working Group Meeting
  • SIOP-RTSG (SIOP Wilms Tumour) Meeting
  • EWOG-MDS (European Working Group of MDS in Childhood) Meeting
  • EXPeRT (European Cooperative Study Group on Paediatric Rare Tumours) Meeting
  • Germ Cell Tumours Meeting
  • SIOPEN (SIOP Europe Neuroblastoma Group) Meeting
  • EICNHL (European Inter-group cooperation on childhood and adolescent Non Hodgkin Lymphoma) Meeting
  • EHL (European Hodgkins Consortium, EuroNet-PHL) Meeting
  • CWS (Cooperative Weichteilsarkom Studiengruppe or Cooperative Soft Tissue Sarcoma Study Group) Meeting
  • Joint sessions of Pancare (Pan-European network for Care of survivors after childhood and adolescent cancer)
  • Joint sessions of ITCC (Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer)



CAUTION: Please be aware of fraudulent third party websites that attempt to mislead event participants by offering Accommodation and Registration services. They may claim to be part of the 'official SIOP Europe Annual Meeting'. Please note that the SIOP Europe has no agreement or affiliation with these providers and we recommend that delegates/companies do not give information to them.