As a presenting author you are required to be registered to access the upload centre

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You do not need to be present at any particular time during the Annual Meeting – your pre-recorded presentation will be available during the whole meeting and for 2 months afterwards.  Delegates will be able to contact you via the online platform with any questions regarding your presentation

English is the official language of the SIOP Europe 2021 Virtual Meeting and all presentations must be prepared and delivered in English.

Please note that it is mandatory to upload the presentation to our system.


Please prepare the following for on-demand session:

Video presentation of the oral talk 

Format: All standard video formats accepted. Step-by-step instructions on how to capture your video via PowerPoint can be found here or you can also pre-record your presentation using the Zoom Video Conferencing Tool (please contact: annualmeeting@siope.eu if you require support).

Length: For this online meeting, it is important that we stick to the programme schedule. Please make sure that your presentation is not longer than the time set for your presentation. If you are not sure about the length of your presentation, please contact the Group Chair for more information.

• IMPORTANT: Your presentation/talk will be accessible online on demand so please make sure you have consent to publish all information included.

Detailed instructions on how to save your presentation in a video format, see here.


If you have any issues with recording your presentation, please contact us at info@siopeurope.eu for any assistance. 

Presentation upload center

Opens on Thursday, 1 April 2021 and closes Wednesday 14 April 2021

Further details on how to upload your pre-recorded presentation will be sent by the end of March.  

• You will be also asked to upload your biography and profile picture during the process.

CAUTION: Please be aware of fraudulent third party websites that attempt to mislead event participants by offering Accommodation and Registration services. They may claim to be part of the 'official SIOP Europe Annual Meeting'. Please note that the SIOP Europe has no agreement or affiliation with these providers and we recommend that delegates/companies do not give information to them.