Dear colleagues, partners, friends,

Following the truly successful launch of the first edition of the SIOP Europe 2019 Annual Meeting, we are delighted to invite you to join us for the 2nd edition of the SIOP Europe Annual Meeting, taking place virtually on 28 – 30 April 2021

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, SIOP Europe, alongside CCI Europe made the decision to postpone the 2020 Annual Meeting, which was originally scheduled to take place on 4-8 May 2020 (Valencia, Spain). 

We thank all participants, exhibitors and partners for their trust and support, especially during these challenging times.

The SIOP Europe Annual Meeting aims bring together the diverse stakeholders who are invested in tackling key issues for children and adolescents with cancer, with the aim of increasing the cure rates and improving the quality of life for survivors. To enhance collaboration between all stakeholders, especially with parents and survivors, we are very happy that this Annual Meeting will again be held in partnership with CCI Europe, who will be holding their 11th CCI Europe Conference. This partnership ensures the excellent representation and participation of childhood cancer parents and survivors and provides exceptional possibilities for collaboration across all stakeholders within the paediatric oncology community. 

This unique virtual meeting will provide a distinct opportunity for participants to share their knowledge, collaborate on cutting-edge research and discuss the important areas of unmet need and debate the outcomes of the high quality clinical and basic research carried out in Europe, as well as provide mentoring and training for young doctors and fellows. 

More Joint Sessions are being planned for this second edition to strengthen the collaboration and promote multi-stakeholder discussions on important cross-tumour topics and best practice.    

In addition, please take note that this Annual Meeting will once again offer an exciting range of opportunities for networking enabling interactions between participants in a safe, virtual environment.

We are happy to inform you that the first edition of the Annual Meeting surpassed our expectations in terms of attendance with 1489 participants from 65 countries. The wide-ranging participants included scientists, clinicians, researchers, young experts, parents, patients, survivors, policymakers and healthcare professionals. We are delighted that so many of you have already declared the willingness to transfer the registrations from the postponed 2020 meeting to the 2021 virtual meeting. We would like to announce that the registration to the SIOP Europe Annual Meeting in 2021 will launch in January 2021 and it will be open to all with relevant interest and expertise to promote the best possible care and outcomes for all children and adolescents with cancer in Europe.

We look forward to bringing SIOP Europe to you in a virtual meeting thereby ensuring equal access to science and knowledge to all in our community.

Kind regards,


Professor Pam Kearns 
SIOP Europe
Anita Kienesberger
CCI Europe
Head of CCI Europe Committee
Samira Essiaf 
SIOP Europe
Chief Executive Officer


CAUTION: Please be aware of fraudulent third party websites that attempt to mislead event participants by offering Accommodation and Registration services. They may claim to be part of the 'official SIOP Europe Annual Meeting'. Please note that the SIOP Europe has no agreement or affiliation with these providers and we recommend that delegates/companies do not give information to them.